jueves, 2 de abril de 2015


 Words are powerful. They can build up or break down.What better way to glorify God than with words?
I am passionate about seeing what God is doing in our lives. There is a lot to speak and to tell. We all have something to contribute to someone else’s life.

I call this Testimony Thursday and I ask God for each of this testimonies God will speak to you in a special way. People have already sent me some and I have laughed, cried and I can’t stop surprising how God works in different ways.

 Some testimonies are short some are longs some speak about salvation, provision some of health or love some of calls some of forgiveness and mercy. But I am sure that all of them are going to be powerful.
Here is the first testimony. Enjoy it!!

My son was hospitalized in San Jorge Children. I was with him. I was hungry.  I had money but I couldn't leave my son alone in the room to buy some food. I didn't know anybody that could bring me something to eat. I started feeling weak and I asked God to give him a room so in that way they give him food and I could eat a little bit. After a while the nurse told me we have a room so we put him in there. Later they bring him some food and when I opened it everything was ground. He has to eat his food like that because his condition. Well I gave him the food and I thought well I couldn't eat!!

After a while a nurse knocked the door and she told me this is Ryan Rodriguez’s dinner, I took it even though they already gave him another one. When I opened it the box had a cheeseburger and baked potatoes. I gave to the Lord thanks because He sent me food. That is one of many testimonies in my life. God is good!!!!!

Elizabeth is a fighter mom and full of faith. Her son Ryan is the sweetest boy you can meet. God still working in a special way in their lives and she doesn't doubt in testify it. 

Psalm 145:18
The Lord is near to all who call on him,
    to all who call on him in truth.

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